Meet Hannah
Hannah has been around the block, so to speak, and judging from her reactions, we suspect her relationships with people have not all been positive. 

Hannah, whom we initially called Happy Girl, because she is just so happy, landed in the shelter so pregnant she delivered four puppies that very night!  Her puppies are adorable and you can read more about them by clicking here.

But this story is about Hannah. Hannah is a lab and who knows what else mix.  She is gorgeous.  She has intense eyes that will melt your heart! But make a certain movement, even a leash swimging carelessly by your side, look down and you will see that Hannh has literally hit the gound. If she could sink into the ground and disappear she would. So our work, in baby steps has begun.

Our goal with Hannah is to work towards a dog that is confident. To accomplish this we have been working with her using agility equipement...
Hannah Learns to Trust Again

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Michiana Celtic Festival

Howard Park, South Bend

Sunday, September 5th
10am to 6pm

We will be attending with a selection of our dogs and puppies looking for forever homes.
The Pipes are Callin'!

Our Own Irish Rose
Her puppies will be at the Celtic Event but Irish Rose will not be there because she is Heartworm Positive.
Donations towards her care gladly accepted.
Click here to read her profile!

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Sidney here. I'm a frisky, fabulous feline seeking a forever family! They say I'm getting on the older side but age is only a thing of the mind. I'm a mere six years old and I do love to roll in the catnip! My mom says my eyes look wild from the cat nip - simply her imagination.

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A Hot Summer's Adoption Event
Was a Smashing Success!

Big Dogs, little dogs, loads of puppies, purring kittens, bubbles and even tokens for a
free scoop of Culver's delicious custard too!

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It all started about a month ago when her foster mommy brought her to be microchipped. Oh my, Claire did not like that big poke at all and even today a hotdog treat will not change her mind about that expereince!
Explanations that this was for her own good have not convinced her!

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