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Fundraisers a Big Success 0

Fundraisers a Big Success

Thanks to everyone who came out to support PetsConnect! at the Mutter’s Day Dog Walk and PC Day at Culver’s. The weather did not cooperate for us at Saturday’s walk, but lots of dogs showed...

Happily Ever After 0

Happily Ever After

 Remember Corby and Casey?  The skinny lab-mix pups that came to PetsConnect! on St. Patrick’s Day this year.  After getting fat and healthy with PC, both are now living it up in their forever homes. ...

Poor Roxy 1

Poor Roxy

Meet Roxy.  She’s a 3 month old terrier mix pup, and, boy is she sick!  Roxy came to PetsConnect! covered in sand fly bites and full of worms.  She was coughing, sneezing, and had some...