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Spring Fling May 2009 0

Spring Fling May 2009

Foxy here.  That is me with the cute freckles on my nose.  Why does my tongue hang out?  I didn’t realize so many people would ask that question yesterday at the Spring Fling Event at...

Earth Day 2008 0

Earth Day 2008

    April, 2008 at Howard Park, South Bend, Indiana. We had a mini dog walk that was a lot of fun, a booth and Hank, the Bloodhound, walked around with his orange vest on...

Rowdy Roxy 2

Rowdy Roxy

Now that she’s almost done with her treatment for an upper respiratory infection, our little Roxy is feeling much, much better.  In fact, now she’s a spunky ball of energy!  While she likes to cuddle...