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Big Boy 0

Big Boy

Big Boy is just that … BIG!  He is a tall, Gray and silver classic tabby.  He has almost perfect circles too.  And he is such a nice cat.   Big Boy came to us...

Kitty Korn: Everlasting Eva 0

Kitty Korn: Everlasting Eva

  And what were you expecting? Ha!  Here is Eva among the corn in the garden. She loved being in the corn.  You will note that she has a harness on which is attached to...

Winter Sweet: from the Isle of Mann 0

Winter Sweet: from the Isle of Mann

Technorati Tags: Manx,adoptable,rescue,PetsConnect Winter Sweet, named after the lovely plant, has her origins in the Isle of Mann for that is where Manx originate from.  So, maybe not so immediate but she is a Manx! ...