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Big Boy Zulu 0

Big Boy Zulu

Zulu is a handsome black lab. He is a very big boy weighing in a 115 pounds, and not overweight. Zulu may have a little Newfoundland in him, or he may just be the English...

Monday Night Shenanigans 2

Monday Night Shenanigans

It all starts with a phone call. In this case, two calls:  first,  two dogs at the shelter were ready to leave to enter our program; second, a call from a person asking us to...

Bottle feeding madness! 1

Bottle feeding madness!

 Meet our baby, bottle-fed puppies!  They are only 18 days old today and have doubled in size in the last week!  These pictures are just after they were all fed.  So, don’t be alarmed by their huge...