The PetsConnect Blog

Getting Started

Welcome! Your journey to blogging isn’t a long one. This resource will help you register as a writer on the PC blog and get started posting. Already registered? Jump to Posting to the Blog.

To post to the blog, you need to be a registered user. Registering is easy:

  1. Send an email to that includes the following information:
    • The email address you’d like to use for registration
    • Your desired username
  2. You will then receive a response email with your username and temporary password.
  3. Once you receive your temporary password, click here to login to WordPress.
    Once logged in, select the profile icon from the top right.
  4. On the main profile page, set your user information such as name (what administrators see) and display name (what others see).
  5. Select “Security” from the left-side navigation to change your

Posting to the Blog

Posting to the blog is easy, and it’s a great way to showcase your animals and events.

  1.  Click here to login to WordPress.
  2. On the top left, click “My Sites.”
  3. You should see the PetsConnect! Blog site; if you have more than one WordPress site, you may need to click “Switch sites” to get to the PC page.
  4. From the left side, click on “Add” to create a new Blog Post.
  5. Enter the title of your post.
  6. Enter the text of your post.
  7. To add photos or videos, choose “Add Media” and follow the directions to link to or upload an image or video.
  8. To edit a photo, click the photo in your post and chose the edit icon; follow the on-screen instructions from there.
  9. When you are finished writing, be sure to add tags and choose the correct category for your post  from the list before publishing from the right side menu. Categories determine where your post will be set on the blog (foster stories, volunteer corner, etc—choose the most appropriate one). Tags are search engine optimized words that help others find your posts (dogs, cats, adoption, puppies, etc—again, choose appropriate words)categories tags

  10. Next, choose a featured image for the post. This is the image that will show on the blog preview. The “Set Featured Image” link is at the very bottom right corner of the post page.featured
  11. When you are done, choose Publish from the right side menu. Check the blog to make sure your post published properly. You can also choose to preview the post before publishing (always a good idea) to make sure it’s formatted correctly.publish
  12. If you need to edit the post, choose Posts from the left “Dashboard” menu, find the title of your post from the list, and choose Edit; this will take you back to the add post page where you can make changes.