Al Poochino “Poochie"

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We call this little guy Poochie for short.  Poochie is a super special dog.
 05_22_2011Sebrina Tingley5685 Poochie, an 18 month old Shih Tzu is blind and from what we can tell, he has always been blind. 
Sweet hearted by nature, Poochie does not rattle easily.  He follows sounds to get where he needs to go and once he knows the lay of the land he is good to go where he needs or wants to go.  He is absolutely great with everything and extremely tolerant.  He would make an excellent Pet Therapy dog.  People love him and he loves them and he knows how to be gentle.  Being gentle is a skill he has acquired as he has learned to carefully bump into things to figure where he is.

Poochie arrived in a local animal shelter as a stray.  He was so matted employees had to do an emergency shave.  He came into our program five days later with severed skin infection, ears badly infected and wow, did he stink.  Our vet put him on all kinds of drugs which helped Poochie heal up 05_22_2011Sebrina Tingley5721nicely!  He has now been neutered and is actually ready for adoption.  He could use a professional grooming – he will look pretty snazzy after that!

Here is Poochie meeting Dundee.  Poochie prefers dogs closer to his own size.  He loves to play with Emmie Ree and Reynaldo.  But he does ok with the bigger dogs too, he just doesn’t romp with them.  He is fine with cats but you would have to make sure the cat doesn’t scratch him in the eye for Poochie would never see it coming. He doesn’t know what 05_23_2011Sebrina Tingley5890smhe is approaching for sure until he sniffs it up close and personal.  Our cat doesn’t mind him at all.  Poochie sniffs her and moves on.
As you can tell it’s a rough life for Poochie now!
Here he is enjoying time in Ryon’s lap while Ryon reads the paper.  Poochie had just met Ryon but Poochie knows no strangers.

Poochie has a fun way of walking: it’s this combination of dance, skip and cautious high step.  I’ll have to try to get a video tape of it because it’s fun to watch.

If there is a lot of noise Poochie can become confused on where he is suppose to go because he can’t hear my voice or my footsteps. 

05_08_2011Sebrina Tingley5116 Poochie is housetrained – actually, he has excellent house manners.
During the night he sleeps on the floor in our bedroom and during the day he is free roam of our house.  If we leave the house we just leave him loose.  He has not had an accident – not yet anyway.  My joke for awhile was my only housetrained foster dog was the blind one!  How sad is that!?
We do not put Poochie in a crate.  When crated he will not move and looks about as pathetic as a dog can look.

Poochie is now available for adoption.  He will need someone who is willing to walk him out for potty breaks, someone who loves to talk a lot or sing or make a clapping sound on the side of their leg as they walk would be good.   Another doggy buddy would be good too as he could follow the dog around.  Typical of his breed he adores people and is really happy when he discovers he has found my legs!

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