Zoe-A lucky and happy girl!

Hi, my name is Zoe. My foster mom and dad like to call me Zo-Zo. they seem to have a thing for nicknames. I came to my temporary home a couple months ago from the shelter. I was on the verge of being put down because I was heartworm positive. Petsconnect rescued me just in time! I am only a year old and had an overall healthy appearance. By healthy I mean slightly round! I enjoy food, what can I say?! So it was quite shocking when I went to the vet and they found that my condition was very bad. I required two rounds of heartworm treatment. For a dog my age that means it was bad! I handled my treatments very well and I am a champ…thats what I hear from the foster parents anyway.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am feeling grrrrreat! I am just the happiest girl you could ever meet. I’m a lab and I’m young so I have energy galore. I love my tennis balls and I fetch very well. I also have some tug toys and I am a very gentle puller. I love to lay with mom and dad and get petted. I am very friendly and always looking to make new friends, animal and human alike.

I am housebroken and even keep my outdoor kennel super tidy. I know some basic commands and on occassion I forget my manners because I am so happy to see you! I probably need a fenced yard as I really enjoy running, but I always come back. I walk well on a leash and enjoy exercise. I would be a great addition to an active household.

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