Here Come Da Pugs

06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6478

Pugsley, Paulie, Petey and, Polly

How often do four Pugs get picked up wandering the streets?
Well, these four surely did! 
Paulie and Polly were picked up on one street while Pugsley and Petey were picked up on another. 
Three males and one very pregnant female – all under three years of age. We have absolutely no idea if any of them are related or where they initially came from.  We do know they landed in a local animal shelter, that no one claimed them and we were asked if they could come into our program.

Why not, I mean how often do we get to have FOUR PUGS at one time!

06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6459


This is Pugsley: he is a stout young man about two years of age and by time you read this he will have been neutered. 
A sweet boy he was picked up running with Petey.

He is heartworm negative, up to date, neutered by time you read this and will be micro chipped too.

petey_06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6482PETEY
It is hard to tell in the photo but Petey is a tiny little guy – smaller than a chicih.  We suspect he is a pug and chichi mix making him a Chug?  But we do not know.  Maybe he is a new exotic mini-pug. 
He was a little timid at first but is coming around really fast.  He loves to climb up into chairs.

He is heartworm negative, up to date, neutered by time you read this and will be micro chipped too.

paulie_06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6462

And this would be Paulie. 
He has a really black round face with a sad look.  Paulie is really large compared to Petey!  Paulie is super sweet and is doing well with the other animals.

He is heartworm negative, up to date, neutered by time you read this and will be micro chipped too.

polly_06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6490




The only female among four males, this young lady is pregnant.
The vet took x-rays and says she is due in about one week which would be June 15th!  There are three, maybe four puppies that can be seen.  Here is to a safe delivery and healthy puppies and that mama stays healthy too!  The problem is that she may come down with a cold and that would be really bad for the puppies.  We shall think positive.

More photos….

06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6474  puglsley_06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6447smpetey_06_06_2011Sebrina Tingley646506_06_2011Sebrina Tingley647906_06_2011Sebrina Tingley6474

They will be available for adoption.

  If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment. Click here for adoption application

Making a Difference

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The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

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