Kitty Korn: Everlasting Eva



  And what were you expecting?


Here is Eva among the corn in the garden.

She loved being in the corn.  You will note that she has a harness on which is attached to a leash. 

Eva is not an outdoor cat but being outdoors makes for marvelous photos!  And most of the cats enjoy the adventure.  But sometimes they get scared so I have to take them back inside.  Eva actually enjoyed this adventure, but she is such a nice cat I would expect her to have a good eva3_july_5_2009time.

Here is Eva on the fence post getting ready to take a stretch.  The harness and leash is a Lupine product.  They are awesome.  This one is a pretty purple.

Eva is a long hair cat.  She is a gray/brown/black tabby – more of a tweed really.  She is a gorgeous cat.  She came to us with kittens so right now her coat is not up to snuff .. but wait until next year – she will be even better looking.



She will need to be brushed on a regular basis but it should be too bad.corn_cob

Eva does well with everything and everybody.  I don’t think this cat has a mean bone in her body.  She is great with dogs, cats and children of all sizes.  She was in a foster home with a three year old who carried her everywhere – whether Eva wanted to go or not.

Eva earns the title of Ms. Adaptability for she adapts quickly to new settings.  She greets her new cat housemates and dogs with a gentle nose greeting.  And if they don’t like her, well, she does not take offence but figures it is their lost.eva_libby_july_5_2009


Here she is greeting Libby, my dog.  She actually approached Libby to say hi.  And Eva did really well in the harness too and this was the first time I had put one one her.  corn_cute

So, great cat for any home!

She is about a year or so old, litter box trained, spayed and up to date on her shots.



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