Star Wars kittens!

Here are four darling kittens pulled from the shelter on (you guessed it) May the 4th!  So naturally they are Star Wars kittens (May the 4th be with you, get it? It’s actually international Star Wars day), although two of them are named from Episode I…

Anyway, meet Padme!



Padme is a pretty dilute tortoiseshell with white markings.  She is a short-haired cat.  She is about 11 weeks old right now and is the eldest of the group.  True to her name, she thinks she’s a princess and has a bit of that ‘tortietude’.  She is extremely playful and energetic and will need a home where she gets plenty of opportunities to play–the easiest way is to get two kittens!  Then they wear each other out.

Here is Anakin.

Anakin is a short-haired orange tabby.  He is a few weeks younger than Padme, I believe.  I put his current age at 9 weeks.  Anakin is a darling little guy who loves to play, play, and play some more.  He does also like being held.  He has a very loud purr for a little guy!  He would do best in a home with another kitten or a playful cat because he doesn’t like to be alone.

And here are the “littles”:

Princess Leia

Leia is a medium-haired brown tabby with a lot of white markings.  She is about 7 weeks old and is sister to Han Solo (I know, I know, he should be named Luke.  But we already have a kitten named Luke in our program!).  Despite her small size, she is brave and adventurous.  She loves to play with envelopes, mostly bills that her foster mom should be paying!  Leia likes to play rough and can keep up with the bigger kittens, no problem.  She is a darker brown than Han and has slightly different markings, otherwise, they can be difficult to tell apart!

Han is the one facing towards the camera; Leia is facing away.

He was very tired the day I was taking pictures.  Han has been fighting a cold and a mild eye infection and is a little quieter than the rest…but not much!  You can’t see it in the picture, but one of his front paws has brown on it–that’s the easiest way to tell Han and Leia apart.  Han is a medium-haired brown tabby with white, the same age as Leia, 7 weeks.  He likes to climb on your shoulder and nuzzle into your neck, it’s very cute.

Here are some group shots.

The Star Wars kittens are not yet ready for adoption, but when they are, they will have been spayed or neutered, up to date on age-appropriate shots, dewormed, and treated monthly with Revolution.  The adoption fee is $75 per kitten.  Adopting in pairs is strongly encouraged!!

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