Classic Country Round-Up!!

Each new litter of kittens requires that we sit down and brainstorm names.  It only seems right that each group should have a “theme.”  After much discussion and MANY rejections, we decided on Classic Country singers as the inspiration for these sweet babies.  So we ended up with:

“Johnny” Cash (ADOPTED)

“Patsy” Cline (ADOPTED)

“Dolly” Parton

“Emmie Lou” Harris (click the link for pure CUTENESS!) (ADOPTED)

and last but definitely not least “Tammy” Wynette (click the link for her personal blog!)

When we saw these babies at the shelter, we were drawn to how cute they were.  They had been dropped off at the shelter without their mama and were huddled together in the cage and obviously scared.  We weren’t sure how they would do with people, dogs and other cats, but we decided to give them a chance.  At home they started out timid and didn’t welcome being touched or held.  We kept working with them and now a few weeks later, it’s like they’ve always been here.  In between romping and playing, they are quick to seek out a nearby lap to catch a quick snooze.
They currently weigh in at around 2 lbs each.  They are ready for ADOPTION having been spayed/neutered, wormed, up to date on shots and will receiving Revolution monthly for flea and heartworm control.

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