Winter Sweet: from the Isle of Mann

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Winter Sweet, named after the lovely plant, has her origins in the Isle of Mann for that is where Manx originate from.  So, maybe not so immediate but she is a Manx!  In fact, she is a beautiful blue female.

And this cat is Manx through and through too.  She has personality plus, will never give up her space on the couch to dog or cat and while sweet as can be, can be ferocious when trouble is in the air.  If cats or dogs are fighting, she will break it up by charging full speed ahead right at them!  She is hilarious.  But she has never hurt any other animal.

She walks with confidence, stretches out her body in all it’s glory and curls up in a tight ball on the chair.

winter_sweet4_may_18_2009Chimonanthus_praecox She her nub of a tail?  The vet said her rear spine is fine – and this can be a problem with some Manx.  She has great litter box habits too.

Manx is for the true lover of the breed for they are not an ordinary cat!  And our Winter Sweet is no exception.

Winter Sweet does well with other cats and with dogs but she doesn’t put up with any nonsense.  And she is not a playmate for another animal … she is fine entertaining herself .. though she does seem to enjoy watching the puppies.

Winter Sweet came to us with two kittens, both boys.  One has a short nub and one has more of a fluffy nub.  Both are just like their mom.  One has been adopted.  Here are some photos of her kittens but they are old photos.  Her kittens are big now!

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