Brenn goes out in the sun

Here is Brenn, our Great Dane puppy, enjoying a nice roll in the green grass.  Boy, does she ever love to roll around!

The black leash is a long lead, used for working on recall and giving her a bit of freedom.

She loves to play tug with her leash, although it’s strongly discouraged.  But so CUTE!

Here is Brenn with her foster sister, little Mhina.  They are not best friends because Brenn wants to play and Mhina thinks, rightfully, that Brenn is too big to play with a 6 pound toy poodle. [Mhina is a permanent resident, not available for adoption]

The perspective is misleading, though.  Brenn is probably about 80 pounds.


What’s this in the grass?

Something to roll on!

Playing keep-away with foster brother Danger [another permanent resident] for a tree branch.

Danger is not a small dog at roughly 75 pounds but Brenn is a good few inches taller than him.

Well, fine.  I’ll go get my own stick.

‘Bout time to go, Mom?

Brennan is nine month old brindle Great Dane puppy.  She has been spayed, microchipped, is heartworm negative and on monthly preventive, on flea and tick preventive, and has been treated for intestinal worms and a cold.  Her adoption fee is $500.

Brenn would love a home with another large dog she can play and wrestle with.  She likes children but may play too roughly for the little ones.  She is respectful of cats and kittens.

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