Tiny Tim

tiny tim dock Tiny Tim is just that, really tiny. And like tiny chichi’s he has fragile bones.  Bones that break when he is dropped and that is exactly what happened.  Accidents happen.  We get that part.  But the part we don’t like is that he lived with a foot that was pretty much detached from his leg for three days, three very painful days!  The family waited three days to take this little guy to a local animal shelter.   Shelter employees had to use drugs to put Tiny Tim slightly to sleep to unwrap the bandages – it was that painful.  Then they called us to see if we could take this little guy.  A volunteer picked him up first thing in the morning and dropped him off at our vet’s office.  His foot was dangling from his leg and the pain meds were wearing off.  Because his bones tiny timare fragile, Tiny Tim does need all four legs — thus the pink cast.

The person fostering Tiny Tim needed to drive to Florida to run an errand for her mom. 
Here is a photo of Tiny Tim riding in the front of the camper.  He is laying in a letter carrier on the dashboard!  Kind of gives you the idea how small he really is.
Well, while down in Florida, the little pink cast slips down his leg!  Shanin called our vet who told her to put the leg back on the cast.  “How in the world am I suppose to do that?” she asks.   She figured it out.  She, her husband and her mom cut the cast in two and using left over surgical tape from when her dad was sick they taped that cast back onto Tiny Tim’s leg.  Can you vision these three adults hovering over this tiny dog with his tiny cast trying to figure out how to get the cast back 04_23_2011Sebrina Tingley4522on?  Too funny.

Once back in town it was back to the vet for Tiny Tim.  We asked for a blue cast this time.  I mean, he is a boy  after all and the pink was rather ridiculous.  So, here he is sporting a blue cast.  Let’s hope this one stays on.

Tiny Tim is the reason we have these long conversations with potential adopters who wish to adopt tiny breed dogs.  Most of these little dogs have fragile bones.  Put these little guys with children and accidents happen… shoot, accidents can happen to these little guys without kids.  I was setting a chichi down one time, was a foot from the ground and she leaped from my arms.  I could hear the bone snap when she landed.  What a sinking feeling that sound is.  I picked her up, walked to my car and headed to the vet.  That chichi has those bird like bones too.

Here are some more fun photos of Tiny Tim’s travels to the south.

View Tiny Tim

As you can well imagine, we are doing fundraising to help cover the veterinary costs associated with Tiny Tim’s broken leg.  If you would like to help please send a donation to:
PO Box, 8104
South Bend, IN 46660-8104

All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

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