Rommie and Ronnie

04_23_2011Sebrina Tingley4661sm

Rommie looking up at the wild bramble. 
Here is the sequence of photos of his reaction to grabbing that wild bramble!

04_23_2011Sebrina Tingley4638

Here is Ronnie.
  They love running up and down the paths in the woods.  Here he has stopped.  Admittedly, the puppies are a bit wore out from participating in Earth Day 2011 festivities.  Greeting all those children can be a lot of work!   But the pups did a great job.
Ronnie, Rommie and their three siblings as well as Petey and Jiggy had a great time licking kids fingers, giving kisses, chasing thrown balls and climbing up into restless laps.

You can click here for more photos of Earth Day 2011.

For more photos of Ronnie:

For more photos of Rommie:

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