04_05_2011Sebrina Tingley4353Beulah is a four year old, female German Shorthair Pointer.   She came to us with heartworms.  And she has a really bad case of them too because she is scheduled to go through another complete treatment a month after her first treatment.  This is the first time we have had a dog with heartworms this bad.  It’s sad.  Poor Beulah. 

04_05_2011Sebrina Tingley4346 However, someone forgot to tell her to be sad because this girl is a happy camper!  When we took her to the vet for her first round of heartworm treatment and her spay she caught sight of the cockatiels and went into a full point – the vet tech basically pulled her backwards into the surgery area while Beulah was in full point.  “Shoot The Birds” she was saying!  It was funny, in a sick sort of way.   Well, she is a pointer after all.

And a pretty liver and white pointer she is at that.  Beulah weighs in at 46 pounds and could stand to put on a couple pounds.  But as pointers go, she is on the smaller side.  Good thing because she is super strong.  This girl can pull.  We use a special no pull harness when walking her. 


At some point in the near future she will be ready for adoption.  We suspect she was and is a hunting dog but that does not mean one should neglect keeping her on heartworm preventative!

We have seen an emergence of heartworm positive dogs already this year: Peanut, Opie, Sherman, this girl and we are getting a black lab, Zoe, that is positive.  That is five dogs already this year alone!
Are your dogs on heartworm preventative?

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