Betsy-epitome of family lap cat! (ADOPTED!)

Meet Betsy.

This sweet girl watched her brothers and sisters be adopted and has patiently been waiting for a home of her own!
She loves to be held and snuggled and especially likes to sleep on the nearest lap or the back of the couch curled up behind the closest person available.  It’s warm there and it’s convenient for giving occasional kitty rubs to express her appreciation for the love (just in case the loud purr motor didn’t communicate it well enough).

Betsy does well with everyone in the house.  She loves chasing laser pointers (never fails to make us laugh!), playing with the dogs’ tails, wrestling with the other cats, and warming the laps of the humans.  If you’re looking for a well-rounded, easy to get along with kitten, Betsy’s your girl!
She’s very tolerant and doesn’t mind being picked up and carried around by the 8-year-old boy at her foster home.  She has excellent kitty claw manners.  In fact, one family that held her thought she had been declawed, because her paws were so ‘soft.’
Betsy had a cold as a young kitten as a result she gets occasional eye drainage from her left eye.  The vet said she’ll outgrow it and we’ve seen significant improvement over the last couple of months.  Betsy has such a winning personality, she’s just waiting for the special family that wants a kitty lap warmer for the coming winter!  Is that family yours?
Betsy was born in late Dec. 2010.  She is spayed, up to date on her shots and receiving Revolution monthly for flea and heartworm control.

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