Chihuahua’s Anyone?

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Chihuahuas: so cute when they are little pups and still cute when they are little dogs, but as it turns out, they are not for everyone, and apparently not for a growing number of people who purchase them. 
little_lion4_02_22_2011 Why do I draw this conclusion?  Because there are so many ending up in local animal shelters.  Name the color, the size, the gender and there is most likely one available. 
Another growing problem is indiscriminate breeding of small breed mixes: Chihuahua and poodles, Chihuahua and Doxies, Chihuahua and Maltese … well, just fill in the blank. Sadly, these are not reputable breeders, and more 12_25_2010Sebrina Tingley1156often, are what we call puppy mill breeders.

Chihuahua’s do not do well in animal shelters.  Their temperaments are simply not a good fit for the environment.  Like Leon, they are terrified to move.   Or Reynaldo, who without even thinking twice about it, just snapped at everyone!   He is much better now, but at the shelter he was not a happy camper.

Sometimes, like Brain, they get sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection and simply do better in a home environment.

So, for all these reasons, we have a lot of Chihuahuas!  Actually, right now, a  third of the dogs in our program are Chichi’s or chichi’ mixes.  We even have two litter of chichi mix puppies.  Once litter came with mom, Peanut and one litter came motherless and needed to be bottle fed.02_16_2011Sebrina Tingley2834sm

Gemma_2 1-30-11 An advantage of foster homes is that we know our dogs. And the really nice thing about Chichi’s in foster homes is that, as they settle in and they bond to us, cialis sans ordonnance, we know how they will be when they are in your home!  How they behave at the animal shelter is not at all a indication as to how they will be in your home.
This is Gemma – she is one that came to us sick, then she came into heat – and finally we were able to have her spayed!  Sometimes it works out like this.beanie_jan_14_2011

This is Beanie.  She is one of the smaller ones that came to us absolutely terrified.  Nipping when she scared is her way of protecting herself.  But once she knows you she is a love bug.

Another aspect of Chichi’s is their loyalty.  I don’t know that there are many breeds as  loyal to their person as these little guys, nor many breeds that jump loyalty to their new person as quickly as these guys either!  Give them a day or 02_17_2011Sebrina Tingley2859sm two and they are all yours.  It can be depressing to those of us who foster them, but this really is a good thing because it is a trait that allows them to settle into their new homes easily.

This is Mia.  She may be a mix with something with really large ears.  She has some wiry hair, is five years old and small.  She was turned into the shelter because they could not train her, yet, she is housetrained. 
Chichi’s can be hard to housetrain – especially when there is snow on the ground and it’s really cold outside!  One person I met had set up a doggy door to their garage and then in the garage had created a potty area.  What she did was put down a mat, cover it with newspapers 02_17_2011Sebrina Tingley2884 and then put a milk jug in the middle.  She painted the milk jug red and filled it with water.  I always thought that was quite clever.  No fuss when the snow was deep!

This is Grant.  He is all red and, weighing in at ten pounds, a bit larger for our chichi’s.  This guy though, is super sweet.  He came to us with a slight cold and is opie_2 1-30-11sm doing very well.  Housetraining is top on his foster mom’s agenda – giving kisses is top on his agenda.

Here is Opie.  Opie may be a mix, we are not sure.  Did you know that no matter the size, a dog’s heart can get infected with heartworms?  Some people think because they keep the dog mostly inside that they don’t have to put Heartworm prevention on their dog.  It only takes one mosquito to infect a dog.  We have two, no Three small dogs being treated for Heartworms.  And it is expensive too.02_17_2011Sebrina Tingley2873sm

This is Sherman.  He also came to us Heartworm positive.  Sherman is, most likely, a Chichi and doxie mix.  Peanut’s puppies will look a lot like Sherman 02_16_2011Sebrina Tingley2808when they are full grown.  Sherman is also larger, weighing thirteen pounds.  He is a long short of guy.

But Peanut had it the worse!  She came to us with heartworm as well as pregnant.  We were a bit worried about her but she has sailed through, thus far, with flying colors!  She has now been spayed and treated for heartworms.  Like Opie and Sherman, she is now spending her days resting while the heartworms die off and leave her heart.02_16_2011Sebrina Tingley2782sm

Just think this could have been prevented with just an ounce of heartworm preventative medicine once a month!   

And last, but not least, here is one of four chichi mix puppies.  He is just six weeks old here.  His mom was a chichi and Rat Terrier mix.  She died from a calcium deficiency.  There are four puppies and you can read more about them here by clicking here.

rescue_chihuahua_poster Ok, I think I have included all of our chichi’s — I hear we are getting in another one too, maybe two more. My goodness, we do seem to always have some chichi’s and sometimes it seems like we could rename ourselves to ChichiConnect!

All our chichi’s are available for adoption.  They have all been spayed and neutered, are up to date on their shots, micro chipped, absolutely on Heartworm Prevention and have been wormed.  Due to their small size, chichi mix puppies are usually three months of age prior to adoption.
Most of our chichi’s do not do well with young children. 
Most are good with other dogs and cats.

To adopt one of our chichi’s, please fill out an adoption application.  Email us at and request an application.

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