July 4th, 2011 post

06_21_2011Sebrina Tingley7284sm Here is a photo of Benny taken late June 2011 enjoying the dog yard.  We just had some hay donated and the dogs went nuts playing in it.  I left out two bales as were and they played King or Queen doggy of the bale!   It was that really hot day the end of June.  Benny is resting, cooling off.

06_21_2011Sebrina Tingley7288
06_21_2011Sebrina Tingley7287
06_21_2011Sebrina Tingley7272


March 31, 2011 post

03_28_2011Sebrina Tingley3924sm 03_28_2011Sebrina Tingley3931mom likes it, the volunteers like it.  My goodness, much ado about a name!
Benny is doing very well.  His house manners have improved, he does great in a crate and he does well with the other dogs.  He and Sherman did not get along so it was really nice when Sherman went to another foster home.

Benny looking over the river in Niles. 
So, we finally came up with a name that we can all agree on for this little guy.  Benny.  He likes it, his foster

Sherman is very playful enjoying toys and rawhides.  He loves to run about and sometimes prances.  He pulls a bit on the leash when leash walking but he is getting better.  He is still not the best looking dog on the block .. poor thing.  But, know what?  He doesn’t care, he doesn’t even know . he is self confident, loving and a nice dog. And a few people even thought he was cute.
Benny is, as you can see, mostly white, short hair and he has black and brown ghost spots under the white.  He is clearly a chichi mix with some sort of terrier.  He is agile.

Here are more photos taken from our River Photo Session March 28th, 2011


January 2011 post:

brain3_02_01_2011Sebrina Tingley2094sm  heartline2011brain_02_01_2011smThe problem with being a dog is that I don’t get to pick my name!  So, it’s not Brian, it truly is Brain.  It is a silly name but it works.  And no, I’m not brainy either – not good with arithmetic or writing.  But what I am good at is loving!  Give me a lap to curl up in and I”m a happy camper.  Call me your own and I’m there with you till the end of my days!  I’m that sort of a guy.
I’m a Chihuahua or a Chichi mix, mostly white with some brownish gray freckles here and there.  The tips of my ears are brownish too.  They say I’m not a ‘looker’, whatever that means.  I happen to think I look at life just fine!  I’m a lover boy, here to please, what more do I need to look for anyway.
I landed in the animal shelter desperately thin.  Too thin.  Shelter 01_29_2011Sebrina Tingley2044workers worried about me.  They took me home with them and gave me  good food.  Didn’t take long and I was up to snuff weight wise.  Then they asked PetsConnect to take me.  And they did.  Always room for a chichi they said.  So, here I am, wearing Lei’s and getting ready for the big party on Feb 12th. Tails of Love Island Bash!  You should come.  You would have a great time!  Not sure yet if I get to attend or not —- I’m doing my best though to convince them.  Don’t you like my photos?
Here are some more!


Making a Difference

PetsConnect! is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization moving into out Tenth Year!
All the animals are in foster homes and well cared for, we pay our bills, make our thank yous and our volunteers work very hard to run PetsConnect! as a professional, caring, friendly business! 
The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

Want to Volunteer? Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

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