My Story by Opie Part 1

Hi my name is Opie. I would like to tell you my story. Do you have a few minutes? Go ahead and grab some coffee, I’ll wait….

Here is a picture of me my foster mom took. She says I’m cute and I would have to agree. Right now I don’t feel so good but I’ll tell you more about that later. Lets start with how I came to live with my foster family.

I’m still not too sure how I ended up in a shelter. My foster mom said I was a “stray” whatever that is. I was scared but happy to be off of the street. The people at the shelter were so nice to me.  Even though I was shy and scared they gave me lots of love.

One day a lady came in to see me and some other dogs. I’m not sure what she saw when she looked at me but since she looked nice I tried to get her attention and she came back and looked at me again. The next thing I knew she said she wanted to take me home with her. I was happy but still scared. I don’t like going places I don’t know and I don’t like to ride in that crate thing.

Once we got to what she called “home”. I saw there were lots of people and some other dogs there. Okay maybe this place would be nice. My foster mom said I was too skinny and needed something called TLC. I got a bath in some really warm water and that felt good! I was scared of the other dogs at first but they were nice and wanted to play. They shared something called toys with me. I’ve not had toys to play with before so this was kind of weird. Some squeaky thing called a ball and a tuggie. I wasn’t sure how to play with it so I just carried it around with me. I got to sleep with one of my foster people in a nice warm bed. My girl let me sleep on a pillow next to  her and wrapped me up with a blanket. I was so warm and I thought I’d like this new place.

As days passed I settled into life here with the foster people. They play with me, and give me lots of kisses and love. I have so many of those toys and I’m learning to play with them and the other dogs. Gemma another foster dog is my best buddy. We take naps together and play all the time. One day my foster mom said I had to go with her for a ride. I was scared again. Where would she take me? I like it here and don’t want to go back to the shelter. She said I was going to see some really nice people. But my foster mom let me ride in her lap and I wasn’t so scared. We went to this nice place and my foster mom said she would be back to get me from the office. I was still scared but I trusted her after all she has been good to me.

For some reason the Doctor person had to check me over and I was getting some tests. Uh oh that didn’t sound good. The doctor told my foster mom I had something called heartworms. I don’t know what those are but maybe but maybe that was why I was feeling so tired they said. The doctor told me I was going to have to have some medicine but I was a healthy boy and would get well.

I’m not to sure what they did to me but I’m tired and sore today. The nice people at the Dr’s office say I’m a good boy and I will get well but I just want to go home. It seemed like forever and ever but then there was my foster mom at this office. She said we were going home! I still don’t feel too good and mom says I have to rest a lot. No walks or jumping or chasing my toys! I hope I feel better soon so I can go back to playing and running around with Gemma. I’ve glad that I got medicine that will make me feel better and that there is nice people to take care of me while I am sick.  I have some time before my mom says I’ll be feeling good again. Since I have to rest and get better I thought I would take some time and tell you my story. I’ll write more later but my mom says I have to take a nap now. Thanks for listening to my story.

12-25-10 166

***Just a note from Opie’s mom. He is resting now. He had a long couple of days receiving his heartworm treatment. He is home with us resting and will have to remain inactive for a few weeks while the medicine works. We are hopeful that he will recover without any problems. Heartworm treatment is painful for the animal and it takes them weeks to recover. It’s important that heartworm treatment is given year round and not just during the summer months. Opie would not have had to endure this painful treatment had he been given a simple pill once a month. We will keep you updated on his progress.

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  1. tingley says:

    I remember Hercules!! So glad to hear he is doing well.

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