Cinnamon’s puppies at eight weeks: Mug Shots

01_20_2011Sebrina Tingley1635

01_20_2011Sebrina Tingley1802

Here are photos of Cinnamon’s puppies. 
In the photo above is Cinnamon with one of her puppies (Light beige).  The puppies do have names but it’s so hard to tell them apart that for now we are going by descriptions I chose when I named their photo files in my computer!  Names will arrive on site soon – we promise!

There are six puppies total: five girls and one male.  The pups are Miniature Poodles, classified as red, a couple are show quality and all will be about ten pounds full grown.  They all look very much like their mom with one looking identical to Cinnamon. 
These photos were taken January  01_20_2011Sebrina Tingley164220th, 2011 a day after their very first grooming and a day before they were split up and went to different foster homes.  Three of the pups went to one foster home and three to another.    The pups are on the cusp of their two month birthday!
The pups have been in our program before there eyes were open, when they were the size of walnuts.  They were about 3-5 days of age.  To learn more about how the pups came to be in our program, click here.
Cinnamon and her pups have lived in my office in my home and Cinnamon has been the most perfect mother I have ever fostered!  She has nursed them, 01_20_2011Sebrina Tingley1803 cleaned them, watched over them, cleaned up after them and then begin to wean them.  She has been gentle in her corrections and loving in her attentions.  You can seem more photos and read about them at six weeks of age by clicking here.
When they left, she missed them.  It was sad to watch her look for her puppies, sadder still when she would re-gurgitation food and wait for them to come and eat.  But it was time.  The pups needed more attention and Cinnamon needed to move

01_20_2011Sebrina Tingley1687

on!  It’s been a week now and Cinnamon is enjoying her freedom from the pups!  She is almost  housetrained, she sleeps in my bedroom at night and she is such a joy to have around.

Here is a photo of Cinnamon with her puppies.  They are posed in a basket.  I actually took a lot of photos of the puppies in the basket.  You can see that series of photos by clicking here!
The Basket Series

What follows are photos of each of the six pups as well as information that I’ve learned while fostering the pups.
The Male01_20_2011Sebrina Tingley1788

This is the one pup that is really easy to tell apart from the rest, since he is the male!
Check out that beautiful coat of his.  He has a coat that groomers love!
And his little front paws too and that face!  This little boy is the timid one of the litter, of course, this is comparing him against his littermates.  He is sweet as can be.

Female One: Little Mama Look Alike

This little girl is the spitting image of her mom.  It’s uncanny how much they look alike.  And I think this is one of them that could be show quality.  They were groomed by a person who shows poodles and I have to say, I learned so much in the almost six hours I helped her groom these six little puppies!  The shape of the head, the width of the head, the nose, how long the tail is or is not.  And temperament too.  How the puppies react to their first groom. 

I mean think about it, they have this large vibrating, noisy instrument coming towards their eyes, their head — it has got to feel like being in a horror flick!  This little one was so well behaved!  Like her siblings she has a great coat to groom.

Female Two: Blue and White

Another sweet little girl, check out her pretty coloring!  The groomer says, despite the fact that now the puppies seem to be slightly smaller or bigger than one another, that when all is said and done, they will all be about the same size full grown.  Blue and white just means she is on a blue and white blanket.  This is one of the smaller red females.

Female Three: Strawberry

Her name is not strawberry, I just chose that file name because her coloring reminded me of strawberries.  Check out those eyes – too cute!  You can see the fluff on top of her head and how cute her nose is.  Another sweet pup.  The pups don’t look this cute for very long – that  is why they have to be groomed every 6-8 weeks of age.  Any potential adopters will need to have a groomer.  If you don’t, find one you like and one who is good at what she or he does for you will be entrusting your dog to their care and spending quite a bit of money too at their business!  It’s important that the poodles are groomed as the hair just doesn’t stop growing – not in their ears, not on their paws either.

Female Four: Light Beige

This little girl – well, I can tell her apart from the others as she has more of a dusky light beige coloring to her coat.  However, as you can see in the one photo, it is still red!  This pup is outgoing and as you can see in the photos, self confident.  I am not sure but this may have been the pup that was unhappy with the grooming.  They all settled into it but some were a bit more difficult to hold.  And because the groomer was taking care to give the pups a good experience and do a great job, it took longer.  We had to try different holds, give them a break, etc.  This pup has the most adorable face!

Female Five: Dusky Brown

Last but not least.  This one has a rounder head and a longer snout and while I have it titled Dusky Brown, her coloring is more of a darker red than any brown.  Another super adorable puppy!

So, there are all six puppies!
They will be available for adoption after they are spayed and neutered.  They will be spayed and neutered when they are big enough and we suspect they will be three months old when this can be done.

The pups will be attending our Feb 12th, 2011 Tails of Love Fundraiser!
This is a party you will not want to miss!

$25 per person includes Caribbean food, Island Vibes Band and auction fun!
And it’s a fundraiser to help cover costs for the animals in our program
Click here for more information

Making a Difference

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All the animals are in foster homes and well cared for, we pay our bills, make our thank yous and our volunteers work very hard to run PetsConnect! as a professional, caring, friendly business! 
The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

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