Cinnamon Puppies at 6 weeks

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male2_poodle_pup_01_09_2011Cinnamon’s six puppies turned six weeks old on Friday, January 7th.  These two little ones are both females   and as you can see, the puppies are now interacting with one another.  Sometimes they overdo it and get a bit rough causing a puppy to yelp in pain, especially when they bite one another’s ears!
The pups weighed in Sunday with the smallest at one pound and thirteen ounces and the largest at a whopping two pounds and eleven ounces!  The only male weighs two pounds and five ounces.  They are bigger than I thought they would be at this age! 
They were all bathed, a second wormer and their very first shot!  Because of their small size, per our vet recommendation, each pup received just a 1/2 of a shot.

In the world of Miniature poodles the pups would all be classified as reds, but they seem to be to be various shades of red.  One of the puppies looks female_one_poodle_pup_01_09_2011just like her mom: I call her the little mommy look a like.  Some are a dusky reddish brown, one reminds me of what we use to call Strawberry blond when I was in grade school and one I call Big Red because she is so large!  None have been officially named yet but a couple volunteers are working on names and that will happen soon.

I didn’t think they were dirty but then after their bathes I was so surprised at fluffy and clean they looked.  While they were in a small cage with warmed towels drying, we replaced their beloved bed, blankets and towels with new and laid down fresh newspapers so they had a nice clean puppy pen to return to after their baths.


The pups are starting to play with a small stuffed toy,although they seem to prefer grabbing one another or pulling on their mom.  They are still nursing but the weaning process has begun.  Cinnamon is such a great mom!  The pups are eating dry puppy food with a bit of water sprinkled on top.
Here are a few more, what I call, Mug Shots.  When I weighed them I took a photo but then at the fourth pup my camera battery went dead – I should checked that before I started.  But they looks so much alike that you can get the general idea.  As you can see, they are in need of their first puppy groom.


And here are some more photos from January 8th.  The pups stayed in another volunteer’s home while I was gone and I was so surprised at how much the pups had grown in just a week’s time!


It’s amazing how the pups sleep: the one draped over the bed looks to be dead – I actually had to check them a couple times when I saw them like that but they were just fine!

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