Poppy Seed in the Radish Bed

poppy_seed3_june_27_2009Our Poppy Seed is not tiny and black and sprinkled on buns, but rather a puppy, a Chorkie puppy.

It’s a Chorkie!

Poppy is half Chihuahua and half Yorkie Terrie – thus Chorkie!  Pretty cute.

She is about eight months old, small and silky and just too adorable.  She loves to snuggle and cuddle too.

She has the chichi nose and eyes.  In these photos she is recovering from her spay surgery and not quite up to snuff.


poppy_seed2_june_27_2009smThe Radish Bed

It’s a raised bed, and you know how those radish all the sudden make a leap for the sky – and at that point where they won’t taste so good?  Well, here they are!

And here is Poppy Seed right in the middle of them too!

You can see how tiny she truly is.



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