Anna Pavlova and her kittens


FamilyInBasket Introducing Anna Pavlova, a petite, lithe, buff-colored momma cat who is so graceful and angular she reminded us of a Russian prima ballerina.

Anna Pavlova has three chubby, rolly-poly ginger kittens, who were six weeks old the first of December.

This petite but oh-so-affectionate momma cat came to PetsConnect weary and bone-thin, finding it difficult to keep on nursing her growing litter. In a few days she was eating well, regaining her strength and nursing her babies again. Now her kittens follow her willingly to the food and water bowls. She insists that they are clean, so all four gather together and bathe each other. When she’s not enforcing their nap schedule, she romps with them like a kitten. Maybe she’s not too much more than a kitten herself.AnnaPavlovaOnTable

The three babies are each different as night and day, although  they look similar, and they are full of energy like Latin dancers.

First we have the lovely Cha Cha, the only girl. Demure like her mother, she is calm when she wants to be, but the first one to bat at a string or chase a wiggling toe under the covers. She is friendly and fun and has beautiful tabby markings in her ginger fur. She loves to follow her mother and curl up next to her.

Then we have the delightful twins, Tango and Salsa. They look nearly identical, except that the white on Salsa’s face is completely white. FamilyBathingTango has a bit of beige in the white patch to the left of his mouth. Tango is the lover. He crawls into your lap and purrs himself into  dreamland, ignoring his sister and brother as they run and play. Once satisfied he has captured your heart, he gladly performs. He loves to run and play with his siblings and chase scratching sounds. He loves to snuggle with Salsa, who is happy to return the favor, although Salsa has a more adventurous demeanor. He is a very attentive cat, interested in people and apt to follow them around SalsaInBasketand even meow a friendly “Hi” they enter the room. He is very playful and happy to just be growing in his own beautiful fur.

Speaking of fur, the babies appear to have medium-length fur now, although Anna Pavlova has short, but  nice thick soft fur. They are about to get their first pair of “Soft Paws,” which will keep them from hurting the furniture or scratching your skin, but they can still absolutely go to town on the cardboard scratching pad. They all use the litter box nicely and the babies come up to the edge and wait for us to finish scooping.  Once they are sure their box is clean enough, all three pounce right into the litter, dig their little holes and then cover them up.

Anna Pavlova has been a wonderful mother, keeping them safe and well-fed in the face of homelessness and now teaching them excellent litter box habits and setting such a good example in friendliness and affection.


Making a Difference

PetsConnect! is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization moving into out Tenth Year!
All the animals are in foster homes and well cared for, we pay our bills, make our thank yous and our volunteers work very hard to run PetsConnect! as a professional, caring, friendly business! 
The animals in our program come from local animal shelters and to the employees and volunteers of our local animal shelters we are most grateful and thankful for the hard, emotionally taxing work they engage in daily.

Want to Volunteer? Learn more now!
Want to Donate? Learn more now!  We are always in need of donations to help cover vet and food and more costs as well as material things such as bleach, toys, rawhides, blankets, towels, beds and the list goes on.

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Our three daughters, mainly our 14-year-old, are the key foster providers here and spend a great deal of time playing with the animals and loving them just as they do their own. They are super-attentitive to the kittens, and frequently involve their many friends and children that they babysit for. The kittens are well-prepared for their forever homes.

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