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Ginger is an awesome dog!

She is sweet, affectionate and of a nice temperament.

She is also simply gorgeous.

Ginger is just a year old and still very puppy.  She does great with other dogs and with cats.  In the doggy world she is a push over.  She loves to roll and play about with another dog .. she enjoys playing with Salvador.  But yet she can tolerate Russell when he cops his small dog attitude and tries to bully the big dogs.

Ginger originally came to us from a local animal shelter as a litter of puppies early last spring.  Her sisters look like purebred Border Collies.  Clearly, Ginger had a different daddy!  Ginger was adopted out but for reasons we do not know, she ended up in a local animal shelter.  And that is where we 11_28_2010Sebrina Tingley0252got her from – again.

Ginger is just so sweet.  When she first came back to us she had a little submissive peeing but that only happened twice.  She will spend hours curled up in a ball by my feet when I’m working on the computer and she is actually well behaved.  She will try to jump at the parakeet cage but stops when she is told ‘NO’ and then just ignores them.  She is curious.

Ginger is up to date on her shots, spayed of course, and micro chipped.  We had her heartworm tested yesterday and it was negative.  She is now on Interceptor and Frontline plus.  She also received her rabies shot yesterday.

She does appear to be housetrained – no accidents yet and she has been back with us since Thanksgiving.  No, she did not get any turkey!11_28_2010Sebrina Tingley0310

Here is a photo of her with my dog Libby.

For comparison size, my Libby is a solid 80 pounds, while Ginger weighs in at 52 pounds.  Ginger should get a bit bigger but not much.  She is actually a really nice size.

She is primarily black but then has this soft brindle coloring.  Her head is a round shape.  We are thinking her roanne5_feb_15_2010daddy may have been a Boxer but we don’t know.

Here is a photo of Ginger on February 15th, 2010 when she was just a little puppy.   She was born December 18th, 2009.  You can see the brindle and the white stripe on her chest and that round head of hers.  Her sisters look like purebred black and white border collies.  It’s odd.

Ginger is available for adoption.  Her adoption fee is $250. 

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