Poodle Goes Native

 emma4_June 25 2009 dogs 039  Remember the dog in the blog: “Schnoodle in a Red Chair”?
Here she is again, Emma, all groomed!
What breed is she?
   First we thought she was a Schnoodle, then our vet said Portuguese Water dog, but then groomer weighed in and said Poodle.  My goodness, we just don’t know what we are talking about some days but it appears Poodle is most likely accurate.  Her confirmation is poor but her hair is excellent and her temperament can’t be topped.  And in our world, it’s all about temperament!

Emma’s Story

Picked up by a passerby, Emma was running the fields in Cass County, emma_June 25 2009 dogs 035 Michigan  From there she was taken to a Humane Shelter in Indiana.  And it was here that we found her.  We actually went to pick up another dog, a black lab.  As we were walking the dog out into the dog yard, we saw Emma, scooched up against the back of her kennel.  Feeling sorry for her, I went into her kennel but my reward was a clear signal that she wanted nothing to do with me, I wasn’t sure she would bite.  We then asked one of the employees if they could get her out – they did, not easily.  At that point it only took five minutes for Dennis to be able to pet her.  Five more minutes for him to feel a bump which ended up being a tick.  We took her home.  Dennis spent another hour plus bathing and pulling ticks – 27 total.  The photos of her on the red chair were right after her bath, which may be why she is not looking real happy!

Within the week she was settled in, proved to be absolutely house trained, got along with all the other animals, slept in our bedroom on the floor as good as could be, and could even be loose in on our property.  In fact, she is such a great dog that she was out with us all the time.

And then she got happy!  She played with Libby (the shaved collie/shep mix), bounced and jumped in pure joy.

And then she barked!  That was musical as she told us about her most recent discovery.

emma6_June 25 2009 dogs 036 What is that on her neck?

   Well, Emma has been adopted.  First she went on a home visit and that went well.  She was returned so she could be groomed (Country Hound groomed her).  Doesn’t she look great?  Then her new dad came to our home to pick her up.

She was fostered by a Native American, groomed by one and then adopted by one!  She needed a gift.

We could not help but give her one of our homemade chokers.  It’s made from bone, buckskin with steel and brass beads for decorations.  While she may not join the humans in a dance, she can dance her own dance of pure joy for being the dog that went from tick infested, scared to death in a shelter cage to a well groomed beauty enjoying an abundance of space, love and care!

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