Brewster and Rocky

These two shared a kennel at the shelter.  Brewster is a handsome, outgoing five month old male Black Labrador Retriever.  He is friendly, affectionate and easy. Brewter appears to be well cared for.brewster2_march_19_2009sm

But Rocky, well, he is quite another story.  Rocky is also handsome.  He is a tri-color, long fuzzy haired almost four month old male.rocky_nice_march_19_2009sm

His coloring is wonderful, his ears go straight up and his tail curls up around his body.   He exhibited signs of being terrified at the shelter. The problem?  He does not want to be approached and when you first meet him he acts like he has to get away from us. 

  But if you just give it a moment, and be still and talk to him, then he will come up to us.  And if we have treats, well, he loves his treats.  Once in our arms, then it’s another story and he is all about loving us up.


Here he is with Stubs.  Rocky loves playing with the other dogs!

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