Cats Currently at the MLAP: June 14th – 28th, 2009

black_tabby_disney_jr_april_25_2009sm  If you are in search of a fantastic feline friend – walk, no run. to the cat adoption center located in the PetSmart store in Mishawaka for it is there that you will find marvelous felines!
Young and Old, long haired and short haired, purebred and mixed, calm, loving, affectionate, rowdy, entertaining and all in search of forever homes!

All are great with cats and dogs!  All are neutered or spayed, up to date on their shots and tested for Feline Leukemia too!  And all are micro chipped.
Please note: we ask that the cats and kittens not be declawed.

So, here they are:

The Musical Classical Tabbies:

View Musical Tabbies

Ella – the mom

Bessie – the long girl

Louis, Billy and Bix – the boys!

Ella and one of the boys are tigers – brown with stripes.
The three girl kittens are classic tabbies – beautiful circles on their sides.
Did you know two kittens are better than one?  Always.

The Disney Boys:

Baloo, Abu and Simba — all long hair beauties
Baloo is a long haired very dark brown/black tabby, Abu is white (so is his sister Faline) and Simba is a mama look alike, brown tabby spots on white.

View Disney Boys

And then there are the wonderful adults!

View WinterSweet

Winter Sweet – a pretty blue manx, female

Holly Berry – delightful Calico, female

Shakira – blue cream tabby, long hair, female

Dweezel – long hair black male

Grace– pretty black and white female

View Grace

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