Who you Calling Small?

2010-10-24 001 011 My name is  “AL CAPONE”  I am only 5 months old but I already have captured Hearts all over Indiana.  I love to cuddle and how could you resist me.  Look into my eyes see how I Steal your heart.  2010-10-22 001 006

I still need naps and a nice warm blanket will do the trick or a nice cuddle with you would be best.   I love to he held and I even love the little ones – they do seem to be more my size.

2010-10-23 001 008







Ok I may be small in stature but I am as big as my big brothers when it comes to heart.  Didn’t you know that Chichi’s are really a big dog in a little dog body? Can you find me in the picture below?  I am the one in the middle.   My Foster Brother on the Left is Liberty and he is up for adoption as well as myself.  I really like it here but I am living in a world of Giants.  Do you have room in your heart for me?  I do not take up much space but will fill your whole world, just give me a chance.    Fill out and application and I will see you soon.   Happy Holidays.

2010-10-24 001 012

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