Puppies enjoy Prison Time: October 2010



P-Nut has not gone to trial, has never met a judge, does not have a lawyer, yet this pup goes to prison every week. 
And she LOVES it! 
She races about the rec yard and if a youth runs ahead of her she will speed up to catch up.  Running by his side this girl can move!  And tug with her toy is another favorite.  Another inmate squeaks the ball, gives it a toss and she is off for the chase.  petey_jordan_oct_10_2010Tired out, P-Nut equally enjoys cuddling up with a prisoner on an old gray wool blanket spread out on the grass.
Mix together eight puppies, eight incarcerated youth, an overcast day, a large grassy yard, sit back and healing begins to happen.  This program is such a win-win: the puppies receive attention, socialization and treats if I patty_gurney2_oct_10_2010smremember them, the youth have a moment to let their guards down and be kids with puppies!  This is our DAYLIGHT program.  The eight puppies that are participating right now are: P-Nut, Patty, Petey, Huck,  Gunney, Gurney, Journey and Jordan.

Now, we can not take photos at the prison but you can read more about this program by clicking here.  And we can not say where exactly we go but it is a facility for male youth.  Patty and Petey enjoyed leaping into the boy’s laps – often surprising them!  But the boys wizened up and began to watch for those leaping gunney_oct_6_2010.jpgpuppies.  These two pups surprised me at how much then liked to sit in a lap and cuddle.  Then the would surprise whoever was holding them by all the sudden jumping off and taking off on a run to play with a toy or another puppy.  That is how puppies are!

The last time I took the puppies to the prison, many of the pups had not been named .. the kids named Gunney.  Gunney and Gurney were coughing quite a bit as they had kennel cough but this time they were feeling pretty good and these two jurney2_oct_5_2010.jpgwere running around having a good time!

Journey and Jordan had a nice time too.  These two siblings love to be held so they spent a lot of time in laps, but they also played a lot too.

Pups eat – Pups poop.  Picking up the poop is one of the kid’s responsiblity and that is never a big hit.  For some reason, the pups just pooped a lot yesterday while we were there!  Guess it’s good I forgot to bring the treats!


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