Dorian and Ellis at 6 months old

It’s hard to believe that such tiny kittens grew up so quickly!  Brother Bardia has been adopted, but the two brown tabby brothers are still looking for homes.

Here’s Dorian, hanging out under the table.  He is such a looker with his white leg and white socks.  You can see his blind eye still looks a little funny, especially in the camera flash, but you’d never know he was part blind from the way he chases the laser light!

Here is Ellis, looking quizzical as he sits on the office chair.  The triangle of white on his face is a really beautiful, unique marking.  One of our cat volunteers thinks that Dorian and Ellis are part Ocicat because of their beautiful tabby spots that turn into stripes when they sit.

Here is Dori again, pausing during a game of you-can’t-catch-me with foster brother Boq–look for his blog coming soon!

Ellis, still on the office chair.

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