1, 2, 3 strikes…you need a kiss!

kassi-and-marlainaKassi here! 

My foster mom said I need to get on here and post a blog about my trip to the ballpark…little league ballpark, that is. 


This past Friday I went to my foster brother’s little league game (he’s the human in the purple and white silly looking outfit).  When we got there, my foster mom and I went walking around in circles; well, she walked around as she carried me…. I just kept giving her kisses on her face blocking her view.  She told me we were walking in circles because they kept changing which diamond my brother was gonna be playing on.  That was fine with me.  I could give kisses all day! 


eric-and-kassiWell, we finally got to this one diamond and got to sit down.  My foster mom just got everything situated when they told us we had to move diamonds again!  She picked me up and we went for another walk…this time she was mumbling stuff under her breath about having to pick everything up and move again.  I told her it was okay and gave her kisses and she smiled and off we went!


We finally landed at this one diamond that was teeny tiny small…even to me!  Someone said it kassiwas a t-ball diamond.  I don’t know what a t-ball is, but I don’t see how it would fly very far if it was in the shape of a t! 


The game was pretty boring.  I kept seeing the ball flying around every where but I wasn’t allowed to go get it.  So, I just stayed on laps the whole time and slept.  People all around me kept saying how pretty I was.  I would bat my eyes at them and they would say “awwwww” And talk to me like a baby.  Humans are so silly!  My foster mom told everyone I was only around 12 weeks old and they were all shocked at how big I already was.  One lady said she wished she could have another dog so she could take me home. 

kassi_sitting_may_23_2009sm Once the humans stopped bugging me, I fell back asleep.  I woke up about 15 minutes later when another lady was checking me out.  She said she got a dog through PetsConnect! a couple of years ago.  Next thing I know her husband is walking up with this big furry dog!  It was so furry!  She kept staring at me and trying to get over to me to check me out.  My foster mom set me down on the ground so I could say hi.  I did not like that at all and I growled at her and told her to stay away.  She didn’t listen, so I got picked up again.  She was just too big and furry and scared me! 


Once that scary ordeal was over, my brother was playing pitcher and he got hit in the face with a ball!  He was crying because he said it hurt so badly.  I felt so bad for him so I gave him kisses …and you know what?  He stopped crying!  My kisses fixed him!  Next thing I know he was laughing and petting me!  My foster mom told me I was a miracle worker!


kassi-and-angelaWhen the game was over, we all went home and I got to see my sister Jodee.  Jodee was so happy to see me!  She was very sad ‘cause her sister Heidi had just been adopted out and she was lonely.  I gave her kisses too and she was happy again.  Off we went to play!


Well, that’s about it for now.  If you’re in need of kisses, let me know and I’ll be happy to brighten your day!   I put some pictures on here that are sure to make you smile…or at least say “awwww”.  J

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