Festival of Arts and Music, June 13th, 2009


Kassi and Jodee


Kassi and Jodee curled up on a Kuranda Bed at the Festival of Arts and Music at St. Patrick’s County Park in South Bend, Indiana.  The puppies went from playing to seeing how many puppies could puppy pile on the bed.  Clearly we should have brought the larger Kuranda Bed!

  The puppies had a great time.  Although at times they were a bit overwhelmed at the number of people who came by to say baby_puppies3_june_13_2009hi.

  Here some friends stop by.  The puppies enjoyed all the visitors.   Even the short ones.

A family who had put in an application for Jora came to see her and they adopted her.  They thought Jora was beautiful and they like her name to and are going to keep it.


Here are photos of just the puppies:









Here is Audi in the arms of a volunteer who was convinced he was freezing!  Audi really pulled one over on her.  The little stinker.

Audi was a great little greeter – he enjoyed the children and adults a lot.

He was in a puppy pen with Kanga and Roxy and Audi would jump straight up on all four to greet people – it was as if he was on a trampoline.  He should come with sound effects – BOING!

Audi is a great little dog – his foster mom said he can be a bit rough on the cats though, he likes to chase them for entertainment – his entertainment that is because the cats are not amused.

  A family who had put in their application came to see Kanga and Roxie.  They had such a hard time choosing between the two puppies!  The lost their dog in a house fire recently, they lost everything in a house fire and are re-building.  The children loved both dogs and tried to convince their mom but their mom is one smart cookie and reasoning prevailed and she adopted one.  They chose Kanga because Kanga is a bit calmer and older than Roxie.  Kanga is going to have a great life!



this is old Peppy, old in age but not in the barking department, or the energy department or the loving department!

Peppy’s owner died so Peppy went to live with the owners brother, but then he died shortly afterwards, so now Peppy is with a family friend who happens to be a PetsConnect Volunteer!  You know the person who checks the PetsConnect voice mail?  That would be the one who has Peppy.

  Peppy is nine years old and would love a quiet home where she can hog all the attention.

Peppy does need to loose weight and is on a diet.  Her foster dad tried to tell us she was barking her sob story about missing her dinner!








Rodeo and Tessa and Devin



Here is Rodeo.  He proved to be a great greeter of our guests!  Rodeo is a rambunctious adolescent male Black Labrador Retriever.  He has lots of manner to learn but when he does …. the best family dog in the world might as well move over for that is what he will be!  He also has the potential to be a terrific therapy dog.

  Rodeo loves to fetch, we know, imagine that, a retriever who loves to retrieve.  And he loves to have things in his mouth too.  He is learning to ‘give’, he does sit when greeting people and sits on command to get his toy, he also offers his paw too. 

Tessa was also a great little greeter, but most of her time was spent in laps saying hi to people.  She is so small we were wo

rried someone would step on her.

Devin did an ok job, but being a Miniature Doxie he did have to show the dogs what a big dog he can be!  He is a lover boy and enjoys being in laps.  He snuggles, nuzzles, gives kisses – it’s really sweet.


Finally, Sully

dennis2_june_13_2009sm Sully did a terrific job during the festival!  But when we were packing up a volunteer went to lean up folded crates against his crate making a loud noise and scaring the dog to death!  He was hunkered in the far corner and we had to carry him to the car where he huddled on the floor of the passenger side all the way home.  Poor Boy.  He is really afraid of loud noises.

But before that he greeted folks in his timid, but loving way.  He adores his foster dad.  Sully thinks he is a lap dog!

Sully is half long haired chichi and half small black lab.  He has the chichi personality but in a medium body.  It’s an odd combination.

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