This sweet kitten is the picture of the word “content.” When people pet her, she rolls around and purrs. Her fur is mink-soft and hard to resist when she stretches out for a nap. It’s almost as if she knows you would like to enjoy petting her soft coat.

She loves to play with string and chase bugs. In fact, she is an excellent bug-hunter and will stare for hours at a window until the fly dips down and she jumps two feet straight up to grab it! She is equally as committed to hunting down spiders, but does think they are more of a toy.

In addition to that bug-hunting plus, Willow is a quiet, patient little kitty who is content being alone for a little while or soaking up attention from a loving family or getting a bath from her sister Trista. She’s good with the litter box and has nice Soft Paws. She loves her scratching pad which makes for an easy kitten for a forever family to love and nurture.


Our three daughters, mainly our 14-year-old, are the key foster providers here and spend a great deal of time playing with the animals and loving them just as they do their own. They are super-attentitive to the kittens, and frequently involve their many friends and children that they babysit for. The kittens are well-prepared for their forever homes.

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