Casanova: The Biggest Lover Around!

When we say lover we mean lover.  This boy is a charmer!  So much so that he worked his way into the bed of his foster mom!  He actually can’t get close enough to her when she’s trying to sleep!  Sometimes he ends up sleeping with his head on her somewhere.  If she’d let him, he’d sleep directly on top of her!  He’s not against sharing a pillow with you either…but watch out!  That tongue is likely to give you kisses on your neck right when you’re dozing off!

He enjoys following his mom around the house too – well, when he’s not playing outside with the puppies and Nutmeg his favorite foster sister!  He even tried to follow his mom into the bathroom a couple of times.  But she already has a dog of her own that does that and her bathroom is just too small for Casanova to sneak in too!

Casanova has never met a stranger!  He has been out to many events and he will let anyone pet him – no matter the age or size!  If he sees someone walk over to his crate, he draws them in with his eyes and smile.  When they get to his crate, he rolls over for a belly rub!  He’s very polite outside of his crate too!  When someone comes to pet him, he sits automatically for their petting pleasure!  He’d make a good therapy dog!  He’ll sit there and be petted for hours!

He’s also part kitty cat!  He likes to lie on the back of the sectional and stare out the big window…and being the lover that he is, if someone is sitting in front of him, he likes to lean over and sneak a kiss or two in when you’re not expecting it!  When you turn around and ask him what he’s doing he just smiles and looks back out the window!

It all didn’t start out perfect with Casanova.  He needed some guidance on what was acceptable house behavior and what was not.  He learned quickly and is just like another member of his foster mom’s pack – he gets free roam of the house day and night!  No crate needed at all!

Casanova would need a fenced in yard as he loves to play outside chasing birds and squirrels and playing with any dog that may be around!   He wouldn’t be as happy if he was unable to do this!

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