Michiana Celtic Festival 2010


Reflections of Michiana Celtic Festival 2010

Point of View From a PetsConnect! Volunteer’s


On Sunday, September 5th, PetsConnect! volunteers and foster animals participated in the Michiana Celtic Festival at Howard Park, South Bend, IN.  Several us arrived bright and early to set up our canopy, puppy pens, dogs crates, and other needed items.  We were lucky to be able to keep our PetsConnect! trailer right by our set up so we could quickly grab what we needed!   Set up didn’t take long but then there seems to be this time we spend making sure it scotty_celtic_fest_sept_5_2010small looks just right!

But once the activities started and the people came, we were so busy!  These four young women stopped by to see the puppies and try to convince dad they needed just one more! 
Scotty was a big hit – he always is.  He bounces about barking his greetings to all willing to say ‘Hi!”   I’ve had him long enough that he is pretty attached to me so he watches me pretty closely.   celtic_fest_bagpipe_band_sept_5_2010

The bagpipe bands marched through the park several times through-out the day.  Amazingly, none of the dogs or puppies howled or even seemed to notice!  And it is not because the pipes were quiet either.  Maybe it’s because they were so good!

celtic_fest_pups_irish_rose_sept_5_2010smOne person came up and said, “What qualifies you guys to be at a Celtic Festival?”  Clearly, a very good question!  A volunteer responded, “Because we have Border Collie mix puppies!” 

Indeed, we did.  This is Irish Rose who we are pretty sure is a Border Collie.  She is mom to Shamrock, Guinness and Knute who were also attending the festival.   Ok, so they were really named because their foster mom is a NDU nut!
Irish Rose is a great little dog but she is heartworm positive.  If you would like to make a donation to help with her treatment we would be celtic_fest_pups_macy2_sept_5_2010ever so grateful!

 Macy was not a happy camper .. we should have left her home.  For some reason we figured we would be sitting around in our outdoor chairs munching on fresh melon and taking it easy and be able to have Macy on our lap and watch her closely ….  this did not at all happen!  So, poor Macy celtic_fest4_sept_5_2010was so overwhelmed, so was Abe.  Macy is a terrific little dog but not at events like this one!

Once the festival started people were checking out the pups and dogs until all was over at 6pm!  Volunteers took turns standing in the puppy pen watching the pups and the multitudes of celtic_fest_rhubarb_sept_5_2010children in the pen with the puppies!

Some of the children had these awesome balloon hats!  It doesn’t get much cooler than that.
Maybe a great fundraiser would be too charge to pet a puppy!  Here Rhubarb enjoys a young visitor.  Rhubarb is one of Hannah’s puppies.



Liberty, an older German Shepherd poses with a Bag Piper.   

This young couple is so excited!  This is their new puppy for they adopted Raisin.  They didn’t think they would be able to take him home so soon!

Here are some more photos of our pups:


The night before we pulled a large watermelon and a cantaloupe from our garden.  This is the first year we have grown either fruit!  We cut them up and put them in baggies.  They were wonderful!  We also brought along homemade chex mix too.  You would think with all that food we would be set, but nope .. had fish and chips for lunch at the  Fiddler’s Hearth booth.   It was not quite as good as eating at their restaurant but still pretty darn good.  They had other foods too, like Scottish Eggs, but I was not brave enough to try them.

Some of the volunteers had ice cream that was for sale by another vendor.

Here are more photos of people with our puppies and dogs:

There was much going on besides our puppies being petted!

celtic_fest_jill_hubby_sept_5_2010There were competitions – such as people tossing telephone poles.

And bagpipes were not the only sounds filling the air – there was wonderful music from one end of this festival to the other!

We also met some old friends, and a neighbor from long ago!  Here is a photo of Jill and her husband dressed in costume.
It was fun to catch up.  Her husband was teaching people how to throw a tomahawk – cost was a buck!  Great fundraising idea.

A big thank you to the hardworking volunteers: Shanin, Al, Kelly N., Shanin, Ryon, Dennis, Nanette and her daughters Emily and Lucinda. 
We worked really hard but I am sure I speak for all of us when I say we had a great time! 

More photos:

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