Raven’s Puppies, Sidney and Digory in The Wild!!!

Okay, maybe they weren’t actually in the wild…but they thought they were!  They were actually in the backyard or their foster home!  Their foster mom is having trees removed and the puppies had a GREAT time playing in and on the felled trees!  They played hide and seek, ring around the treesies, tag, and follow the leader!  They also had plenty of stuff to chew on to keep their little mouths busy! 

Unfortunately, the temporary fence that was put up to keep the pups in the yard was not sturdy enough for these pups!  So their foster mom had to stand guard by the fence to make sure no one escaped.  That’s okay, though, because it gave her plenty of time to snap lots of pictures!! 

Here are some of the pictures their foster mom took.  If you don’t see puppies in the pic at first, look closely because they’re there and hiding!  Raven’s pups are 4 months old in these pictures.  There are also 2 more adoptable dogs in these pictures – Sidney (black and white) and Digory (brown and white).  They’re one big happy family!  And good looking too!!

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