Radish, Rhubarb, Raspberry & Raisin



This is Raspberry. 
He is one of four puppies born on July 13th, 2010 in a local animal shelter.  His mom, Hannah, was dropped off hours before he was born.  Read more about Hannah.
Raspberry, Raisin and Radish are all boys.  Raspberry will probably look a lot like his mom when he is full grown, but the other puppies?  They each look so different!


This is Radish.
He  is mostly white with tan markings.  He is also the smallest of the bunch.  Radish is the reason we learned that they were loaded with round worms.  He had become lethargic.  We wormed the pups at four weeks and there have been worms galore coming out ever since.  The pups are on the intensive worming schedule: wormed once a week for four weeks, than every two weeks twice and than once again!  By time they are adopted those round worms should be long gone!

Because of the heavy worm infestation the pups are on puppy milk, puppy dry and canned as well as supplemental foods to build up their little systems, such as liver.

raisin2_aug_17_2010Here is Raisin.

Raisin is also small.  He is all black with white markings including the cutest tip of white on the end of his tail!  These photos were taken August 17th,   The pups are a bit over four weeks of age in these photos and were still with their mom.  But shortly after these photos the pups went into a different foster home.  Mom’s milk was not settling for them .. probably from all those worms.  Yuck.rhubarb_aug_17_2010


Here is Rhubarb.
Yes, it’s a food named theme starting with “R”.  When fostering puppies, one does have to stretch outside of the normal name game so we don’t have a zillion Annie’s at our vet office!
I thought with this name we could call her Barby or Rue for short!

This is the only girl and what  a large girl she is!  She is all white with black markings.  
Here is my favorite photo .. it’s this little one with her head stuck in the flowers and her behind sticking out!

rhubarb2_aug_17_2010smThe pups are not ready for adoption .. not yet.  We need to be sure they are healthy and the vet says they will need more time for their bodies to recover from all those nasty round worms.  Hopefully they will be up being spayed and neutered at ten weeks of age – the boys should be anyway.  Once that is done and they are healed they will be available for adoption.

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