New Foster Animals June 8th, 2009



Where do our animals come from?

We get asked this a lot!

And it is a good question.

The animals in our program mostly come from local animals shelters.  Sometimes an animal shelter will call us, well, an employee or volunteer or the director will call and ask us to take a specific animal.  And sometimes we call and ask if we can come and go ‘shopping’ which is what we lovingly call our expeditions to the shelter to pick out animals!

This is Woodrow Wilson.  He is a scruffy little guy!   We are not sure how old he is but will find out tomorrow when he goes to the vet.  We are hoping he is only about seven years old and that his teeth are in good shape.  Dentals are very costly and we have put a lot of money into a few of our animals lately and really rodeo2_june_7_2009 can’t afford another big bill.  But he is so cute and such a character that we just had to choose him.


So, recently we made a couple trips to one of our favorite animal shelters, the Humane Shelter of Elkhart  County.  They always have so many wonderful dogs and cats to choose from and the people there are nice.  One of the employees called us about taking a Black Labrador Retriever named Rodeo.  This is Rodeo.  He is an oaf of an adolescent who has lots of manners to learn, but he is also quite the sweet-heart.  He is seven months old and will be neutered tomorrow.  That should calm him down a bit!

emma2_lou_june_5_2009 Emma Lou

  While we were there we noticed this girl sharing a kennel with another dog.  The other dog was small and very outgoing and super cute, but this girl stayed in the back corner and looked at us out of the corner of her eyes and she would not come close to the door. 

We asked the shetler employee if we could try to get her out and see if we could at least pet her.  We did and we did pet her even though she was super timid.  We pulled 27 ticks off her!  And her skin is covered with sores.  To look at her you would never guess she had ticks but they were there.  A good bath in medicated shampoo helped her feel good.

This photo was taken her first night home right after her bath.  She still doesn’t look too happy.dusty_june_6_2009



This was the second dog that shelter employees hoped we would take. Dusty ended up at the shelter because his owner died.  He was a favorite and they tried hard to find home a new home but he started to get sick.  Dusty has a mild case of Upper Respiratory Infection.  He is a mellow, beautiful dog.  He is six years old and has been lovingly and well cared for.

And then there are the cats!

oscar3_june_8_2009We can’t leave without a new cat or two!  This is a hard time for those of us involved in cat/kitten rescue, and even harder for animal shelters because every Spring there is an explosion of cats.  Too many.


So sweet at the shelter, this handsome guy through a temper tantrum when we got home .. he is chilling in a big_boy3_june_8_2009cage.

Big Boy

This cat is HUGE!  He is tall and handsome and seems to have a laid back personality but time will tell.


So, here is our recent additions.  We think they are simply wonderful!






For more photos:

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  1. EVJ says:

    This dog looks exactly like Winkie (formerly Poppy).

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