Hannah Learning to Trust Again


Few delights can equal the mere presence of one whom we trust utterly.  ~George MacDonald

Meet Hannah.
Hannah has been around the block, so to speak, and judging from her reactions, we suspect her relationships with people have not all been positive. 

Hannah, who we initially called Happy Girl because she is just so happy, landed in the shelter so pregnant she delivered four puppies that very night!  She had one girl and three boys.  Her puppies are adorable and you can read more about them here.

The shelter called us and asked us to take Hannah and her puppies but initially, we did not have the space.  When the pups happy_hannah6_aug_25_2010smwere three weeks old we were able to work them into a foster dog-paw-print-orangehome.  Hannah is a sweet dog, but add food, add her puppies and she can be a bit protective.  And the pups were loaded with round worms.  So the four pups went into a different  foster home to receive the care they needed … read more here … while mom stayed with me.  Slowly she began to change into the loving dog we knew she could be.  She loves playing with the other dogs but when it comes to food in her crate she can still be a bit protective.  Eventually the plan is for her to eat food with the other dogs in the kitchen… but baby steps as we work towards that goal.

Hannah is a lab and who knows what else mix.  She is gorgeous.  She has intense eyes that will melt your heart!

Learning to Trust Again


happy_hannah_den_aug_25_2010smHannah on the Dog Walk, an obstacle in agility.  This dog walk is lower than what you would see in an agility match, but for our purposes it works very well.  We use agility to help build trust with the foster dogs.  Here Dennis is working with Hannah, this is her second time across the walk and already she is doing better but you can see she is scared.

Hannah receives a lot of attention too.  There are no mistakes, no corrections, just trying out new things and doing our best with lots and lots of attention!
This is a great way to build up the dog’s confidence so they are walking proudly again!

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