Buddy & Max


Buddy and Max
Neutered Male Brothers
Buddy: Black
Max: Brindle

Date of Birth: April 30th, 2010
Breed: Lab mix – emphasize the mix part

Good with dogs and cats and children
Sweet, affectionate, all puppy

Four months old in these photos taken August 22nd, 2010

These two boys have been in our program since their birth.  They are actually two of eight pups!  Most of the pups look like Black lab mixes, a couple are brindle scotty_pups3_august_22_2010smand a couple are tri-colored.  Some have the boxer blue2_flowermouth as in an over-bite, and all have that retriever bump.

The pups spent the week-end with me.  Here you can see Scotty leading them back home.  The pups had wandered into the edge of the woods and they just didn’t seem to know which way to go, so Scotty went over barked at them and had them follow him back into the yard!  Scotty is such a nice waaku4_august_22_2010guardian angel!

Here is a sweet photo of Max. 
We were walking around the garden checking out the corn, and the garden3_august_22_2010smwatermelons and tomatoes when we realized just outside of the garden there as this enormous vine!  

All this vine is from one plant – a plant we did not even plant, at least not this year.  It’s a gourd plant.  Maybe you can see this gourd hiding behind those big leaves?   There are about ten gourds from this one plant and the plant stretches down along the fence – it’s amazing.

falcon_waaku2_august_22_2010Here are Max and Buddy in this wooding crate that has been hanging around the garden .. and that is the single gourd plant in the back ground.  It reminds me of when I was a child and we would put a sweet potato in water and the thing would grow down the refrigerator!

When they first came over, both pups were just a bit timid.  They need some work on recall and on staying with us when we walk.  Treats and some training would take care of that.  They both love following the other dogs around so when I would call Scotty or my dog Libby the pups would come too .. slowly, but a few more days and they would have been good at it.


This is Buddy.falcon_aug_21_2010

Check out this really sweet face!
Is this not just the sweetest little face?  He is so labby looking in his head and body and the way he plays.  And such a sweet puppy!  This little guy would make a great family pet.  He has an easy going temperament and is outgoing.  He started walking on the harness fairly quickly and was going potty when taken out for potty breaks too.  He is just a bit timid at first but comes around very quickly. falcon5_august_22_2010

waaku_sidney_august_21_2010 Here is Max in a fleeting moment of bravery as he checks out Sidney the  cat.  Note his posture?  Does he not look so brave?  Right after I snapped  this photo Max hightailed it up to me where I was sitting on the patio!  And Sidney?  Well, she just sat down and groomed herself as if to say,
“Another puppy has learned who rules and who drools!”


And here is Max’s NOBEL PHOTO.  Well, ok, except for the one ear flipped back! 
Behind the scenes:

 dog-paw-print-black Dennis took a series of these photos using the zoom lens.  Max is actually about 40 feet away from us.  What you don’t see is me standing behind Dennis making obnoxious noises and waving my hands to get the pup to look at the camera!

Oh the things we do for a photo…. just so you can see how lovely our puppies really are.

falcon_waaku_august_21_2010And of course, I can not conclude this blog without the classic fire pit photo.  Why is it every puppy and dog simply must inspect the fire pit!  We burn trees, cut branches – no trash, no food, yet, they are all fascinated with the remains.  Look at Max getting his little nose right into the middle of the pit!

Here are some more photos of Max:

Here are some more photos of Buddy:


Here are some photos of Buddy and Max together and with Scotty:


There are several earlier blogs of these two pups and their siblings!
Birth Photos
June 10th, 2010
July 20th, 2010
The pups on their 15th Week Birthday

Buddy and Max are available for adoption.  If you are interested, please fill out an application and email it to us as an attachment.

Medical: Both are neutered, micro chipped, wormed, and up to date on shots. 
Microchip: Included in the adoption is the registration of the AVID micro chip in the new owner’s name.

Adoption fee: $250

Leash and Collar or Harness:   a Lupine brand harness or collar and leash are provided for each
canine.  Lupine has a life time guarantee; if chewed, the company will replace it free of charge (thank goodness!).

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