Photo Shoot August 7th 2010

On August 7th, several PetsConnect! volunteers and foster animals gathered together at a private residence with quite the stunning waterfall, lake and gardens to take photos.

dublin_aug7_2010We work hard to raise monies to pay for what the animals in our program need for vet care, food, toys, etc.  One of our fundraisers is our calendar.  For years, with the help of a local printing company, we have put out a beautiful, well done professional calendar on sturdy paper with adorable, inspiring photos!
Who gets to be in the photos:

All the photos are of animals that are either currently in our program or were in our program.

Where do those photos come from:

Sometimes the photos just happen – a volunteer snaps a photo of a foster animal and it’s fantastic.
Sometimes a person who adopted an animal sends us little_lassie8_aug_7_2010a photo for the calendar.

And sometimes we have to work a bit harder to get those photos! 

On August 7th, a truly hot day, but a sunny day, we worked hard!

So, join me on a journey though a day of photos!

First up, Irish Rose and her puppies.  Irish Rose is a Border Collie who came to us with her eight puppies when they were just a week old.  In these photos the pups are just over six weeks of age and cute as buttons.

Above is Dublin, and handsome tri-colored puppy. 
Check out  him and his seven siblings and mom here!

IMG_3211  We tried so hard to get a photo of one of the dogs with the waterfall in the background!  This Waterfall cascades about 100 feet or more down the back slope from the house to a couple ponds and eventually the lake.  It is awesome. But it just didn’t work out. 

The heat didn’t help either:  it was so hot, the dogs were panting like crazy.little_lassie5d_aug_7_2010sm

Here is a photo of Shanin coming to Little Lassie’s rescue!  We tried posing Lassie on a rock just at the waterfall – you can barely see in the background where it is cascading.

Little Lassie was so unimpressed with our efforts little_lassie4_aug_7_2010to make her a Calendar Girl!

Ok, I admit, Shanin was not too impressed with my grand ideas either since she was the one having too pose the dogs AND rescue them!

Here you can see the water bubbling down bend Lassie .. this is the rock Little Lassie was on just before Shanin picked her up ….. at the top is an enormous fountain.elias4h_aug_7_2010

When not exploring, Elias simply went into one the many water pools or streams and plopped down!  He was just so happy to be emerged in the water – at times only his head and the white tip of his tail could be seen.

At one point he plops into the murky pond .. that was their favorite after all – nice and stinky.

So, all that is sticking out is this white tip.  Kalamazoo notices this white tip sticking out of the water just ever so slightly kalamazoo4b_aug_7_2010smmoving – teasing him really.  He watches it and watches it .. moving in for a closer inspection…but then one of the volunteers threw a rock and Kalamazoo pounced for the rock!

Here is Kalamazoo at the base of the waterfall. 

We had a hard time keeping Elias and Kalamazoo out of the waters .. they loved it.

But they also enjoyed loping about inspecting the area or checking out Laurie’s two young sons. 

The two little ones took the dogs in stride .. but their dad was nearby when needed so the boys didn’t get toppled.  The youngest one is still toddling.

IMG_3225Here is Dad Kent and the boys up on the hill .. of course, moments later Elias and Kalamazoo emerged on the scene!  Funny guys.IMG_3214

A view of the stream closer to the bottom ….


IMG_3195Here is Shanin with Luna and Little Lassie right by where photo immediately above was taken.   Little Lassie is staying where it’s perceived to be safe – between Shanin’s legs!

We were not sure if we could let Luna loose.  We did drop her leash and she also went right into the IMG_3190water to cool off. But we kept her close by .. she is new and we didn’t want to be traveling about the neighborhood looking for a Great Dane!

What follows are miscellaneous photos of the gardens





 The Rock Garden! IMG_3501

There is a lovely rock garden with sculptures and such.

Here is Irish Rose resting on one of the benches.

kalamazoo5_aug_7_2010Kalamazoo behind a sculpture on the stone steps leading up by the waterfall.





Photo Shoot is over!


Laurie and the boys head up the stone staircase.

This stair case is all stone!


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