Irish Rose and puppies August 7th, 2010



Here is Irish Rose with two of her little puppies.  This photo was taken during a planned photo shoot where we were trying to get photos from the 2011 PetsConnect Calendar.
Irish Rose is a young Border Collie, her puppies are just six weeks of age in these photos taken on August 7th, 2010.
Photos of Dublin and Shamrock – both females:

Photos of Clover (female) and Guinness (male):

Photos of Lucky(male), Corby (male) and Kelly (female):

Photos of Knute (male):

And then Irish Rose – the Mom!


Irish Rose with one of her puppies and Luna the Great Dane.

Irish Rose and Luna actually share a foster home, although they don’t mingle much … Irish Rose does have a full time job after all. IMG_3482

Here one of our volunteers is holding a couple puppies.  She had her two young sons with her too and they had so much fun with the puppies AND with the dogs!

There were paths, a waterfall, streams, flower beds, a lake and even a rock garden. 

Everywhere we looked there was something neat to see.


Here Kalamazoo and Elias are down by the lake.  They had a great time loping about

checking out all the little places and mostly just getting into the water!


For more photos of the photo shoot –


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