Raven Pups at 15 Weeks!

Raven’s pups are now 15 weeks old and are getting big!

Waaku weighs in at close to 30lbs.  He is very sweet and enjoys playing in the backyard.  Due to the black muzzle, he has a very sad little face…but don’t let that fool you, he’s very happy!

Bangle weighs in at close to 30lbs.  He and Waaku look identical except for the black mask – Bangle doesn’t have it.  He is also a sweet pup that enjoys playing in the backyard and jumping in and out of the doggie pool!  This guy has no problem getting dirty!

Falcon weighs in at close to 30lbs.  He is mostly black with a white chest.  He is a smart little guy who figured out how to escape the puppy pen so he and his sister Dingo share a crate that they can’t climb out of!  Falcon LOVES to play and will tell you when he wants to go outside to play!

Dingo weighs in at close to 18lbs.  She is black with brindle markings.  She is the first of her siblings to climb over the puppy pen.  She is very strong and was able to pull herself out and over around 10weeks of age!  She will need a fence that is taller than 4ft and no chainlink unless supervised closely because she will climb out!  She is a big fan of giving kisses and playing outside!

Flower weighs in at close to 17lbs.  She is a little baby who is mostly black with a white chest and white paws.  She is super sweet.  She figured out early how to get extra attention – she doesn’t come running in the door like the others.  She prefers for you to go out and pick her up and carry her in so she can get kisses. 

Phoenix weighs close to 30lbs.  She is mostly black with a white chest.  She is the alpha dog of litter.  She loves to play outside and loves getting petted!

All the puppies are paper trained and they are doing well with holding their potty as they are getting older.  They are all very sweet and they all love to play outside.  They enjoy the puppy pool too!

The pups will be attending an adoption event this coming Saturday (8-21-2010) from 11am-3pm at the Mishawaka PetSmart.  Come show them some love!

Pictures were taken 8-15-2010.   Some were better than others with taking pictures!  Enjoy!





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