Tally is a three year old female Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier.
Focus on that terrier part for this girl has energy plus and is quite the character!   This is the second Wheaton we have pulled from local animal shelters … which is odd since Tally is only the second Wheaton we have ever pulled!  She doesn’t look or act anything like Sebastian either.  The groomer says that Tally is more typical of a Wheaton and grooming her was a little bit of a challenge but overall Tally did just fine.

Tally had been at the shelter for awhile.  I thought she was probably a


poodle mix.  Her hair was long and she was a mess.  Here is what she looked like pre-grooming… what a difference!

Tally loves to hop in the truck to go for a ride.  She likes to hop in the truck even if she doesn’t go for a ride.

She has done really well with the other dogs and she has been fine with the cats.  But if the cats run I am wiling to bet she will give chase.
When I first brought her in the house she was so funny.  Because her nails were long she had a problem with walking on floors but now she is fine.

Once inside, she does settle down and will curl up for awhile.  She does have a lot of energy though. 

Tally has the curly hair – more like a poodle, a short stubby tail and cute ears with a bit of gray on them.

She weighs in at 33 pounds so she is not very big.

She is very agile and sweet. 

She did fine with the older children when they were here but I don’t know about smaller children.

Whoever adopts her needs to understand Wheaton’s and be prepared to keep up with her grooming which can be quite a challenge.  She will need to be brushed daily and groomed every 4-6 weeks.

Tally is available for adoption.  She is up to date on her shots, heartworm test was negative, she is micro chipped, spayed and on Frontline plus and Interceptor.

Her adoption fee is $300.

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