Elias Enjoying a Photo Shoot


elias7_aug_7_2010 On August 7th, several of us met at this spectacular private residence with a waterfall and  landscaped gardens that stretched out to the lake!  It was a hot day but Elias knows how to stay cool!  And he adores the water too. 
He and Kalamazoo were quite the buddies, inspecting the property  and being very adventurous.  They had such a great time .. and indeed slept most of the rest of the afternoon too.

Here is a photo of Elias in one of the gardens.

Most of the photos are of Elias in the water.

At one point, Elias sunk into a body of water with just his head the tip of his tail (which is white) sticking out.  IMG_3485Along comes Kalamazoo to see what that white thing is sticking out of the water.  It was clear to us that Kalamazoo had not idea that was a tail!  He was ready to pounce!

Can you see in this photo that Kalamazoo is staring at Elias tail?  And there is Elias clueless!

How funny.


To read more about Elias … please click here.


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