Little Lassie on the Rocks


little_lassie5_aug_7_2010On August 7th we took several of our dogs to this beautiful landscaped property in hopes to get at least one more photo for our 2011 PetsConnect Calendar.  You might be amazed at how hard volunteers work to raise  monies to help us do what we do!  These little guys need food and toys, rawhides and crates, vet care (and that is our biggest bill), drugs, and much more…… so, here we are,  trying to get one more photo!  Shanin and I were little_lassie5d_aug_7_2010smboth convinced that Little Lassie would make a great model .. she is so cute!  But I guess hanging over a water fall is not exactly a safe place to be……. what is in the back ground is about a 25 foot drop.  So, the dog is smarter than us.  Here is Shanin coming to Little Lassie’s rescue .. now Shanin is hanging over the drop .. yikes!

little_lassie4_aug_7_2010 Here you can see the waterfall in the back ground.  That was the look we were trying to achieve.. but the waterfall with a good photo of the dog.  Little Lassie was not too impressed with us but she had a great time viagra online from canada.  She does so little_lassie2_aug_7_2010well with other dogs, even the puppies that were there.

Being hot didn’t help either as the dogs were all panting like crazy or jumping into one of the water ponds or the lake.  Little Lassie didn’t jump in but she panted a lot.

luna_little_lassie_aug_7_2010sm Here is a fun photo!  Little Lassie with our new foster dog, Luna.
Luna is, as  you probably figured out, a Great Dane.


And this is my all time favorite.

This is Laurie’s little boy being followed by Little Lassie.

She would just follow him and he would turn like that and watch her.

He would stop, turn around and she would stop and watch him.

He would reach, she would step back.

But he is so dog savvy that he knew not to reach for her and she apparently felt safe enough to at least follow him.

Do not be fooled though .. while it looks like Little Lassie would jump up and be friends … she won’t, in fact, if pushed she will nip.

For more information on Little Lassie click here ….

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