Kalamazoo is a two year old lab and poodle mix.
He is black with grizzle markings.

He is just one of the best dogs I’ve fostered in a long time. He has an easy going way personality.  He is eager to please, responsive but yet with a bit of a mind of his own.

He has that poodle gait and loping movement when he runs.  He is playful, such as when grabs Gavin’s tennis ball and then prances about the yard waiting for Gavin to figure it out.  Poor Gavin – he is so serious about his ball!

We call Kalamazoo K’Zoo for short.  He is good with dogs of all sizes and does not take it personally when Scotty takes issue at being stepped on and nips at him.  And he is fine with the cats … he will go up and nudge them and I would imagine if they were foolish and ran he would chase them across the yard.

He LOVES the water.  We went to this person’s home that has all these gardens, water falls and ponds.  We kalamazoo7_aug_7_2010could not keep K’Zoo out of the water!  He and Elias had so much fun inspecting all the neat gardens on the property.

Here is K’Zoo in the murkiest of the ponds – of course.  Why do dogs always like the stinky things?

I had to hose him off when it was time to leave so he would not stink up my car .. had to hose down my legs too because I guess I like stinky places as I waded into it but in my defense it was to get this great photo of Little Lassie!

kzoo_just_goods_fashion_aug_6_2010 Kalamazoo also participated in our Downtown South Bend First Friday’s Dog days of Summer event too!

What a great time we did have!  This boy so loved all the people.  He did agility too.  And he was a model in the fashion show.  He was very handsome!

Here he is dressed up to walk with the Just Good’s group.  He was with a family of four, Madison and Honey!

They were quite the good looking group if you ask me.

Kalamazoo did so well walking down that red carpet (see how he is one it?) that he went down a couple times wearing different outfits.

kzoo4_july_29_2010K’Zoo is such a good boy that he gets to be out with us on the property – hanging with us while we work.

Some silly goose pulled the electric line out on the road – snapped it like it was rubber band!
The rubber band action snapped the big pole out front like it was a mere stick … and did damage for a couple miles down the road.  What a mess.  One of our pine trees was collateral damage.  Here we are cleaning it up .. what is this we stuff… here are Dennis and Gaelan cleaning it up with Kalamazoo enjoying hanging out with them.


kzoo25_july_29_2010sm And just for fun … here is my Flower Photo!

If I didn’t have two dogs already, I’d keep this guy.

I’m going to miss him when he is adopted but that is what we do and there are more Kalamazoo’s at the local animal shelters that would love to come home with me!

He also reminds me a bit of our Suka who departed this past December after almost 13 years of being such a joy for us.

Kalamazoo is available for adoption.
His adoption fee is $250.
He is neutered, up to date on his shots, micro chipped and all that other jazz. 

He is pretty much housetrained but needs to be watched.

He will do most anything for a treat!  And will come running when he hears the container being shaken! :)

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