DTSB First Friday Fashion Show

madison_honey2_just_goods_fashion_aug_6_2010On August 6th several PetsConnect! foster animals strutted their stuff for the DTSB First Friday Dog Days of  Summer Fashion Show!  And yes, that is quite a mouthful of a title even with the acronym for Downtown South Bend.

The fashion show was just one part of a wider event which encompassed all of downtown South Bend.  To learn more click here!

The fashion show took place on the gridiron in front of the Hall of Fame.  While our favorite four legged friends modeled their doggy outfits, their favorite people modeled clothing from downtown stores .. and the people models looked darn good too!

Here is Honey doing a double eye wink.  Honey is a cute little brown and tan chichi mix.  An older gal, she is five years old and is blind in one eye.  She was picked up on a street corner .. seriously… lonely, lost, hungry, underweight and looking pathetic with no hair!  Look at her now?  You would never guess this is the same dog.  Hat’s off to her foster parents.

Diamond Girl is shown sporting a blue coat.  Diamond Girl is one of Dottie’s Dozen.  Remember Dottie who delivered twelve puppies?  This is one of them.  She landed in a local animal shelter.  We tried and tried to reach the family who adopted her but they ignored our calls.  We can not imagine what Diamond Girl could have done so bad that her family dumped her at the shelter.  Diamond Girl is her own star in this fashion show and in our hearts!


Madison was one of several dogs who walked with Just Goods family.  Madison is such a cutie and despite whatever life handles her, she just loves whoever cares for her and gives her some attention.  Madison has a deformed front foot, has lost several teeth and has now been re-homed a couple times.  We are truly hoping her next adoptive home is the one she gets to stay in!
For more in Madison click here.

Kalamazoo is such a nice all around dog that he actually modeled a couple times!  OK, it helps that the other big dog was a no-show so K’Zoo took his spot.  But he is still an awesome guy.

Terra did not take her fashion modeling career very seriously!  But she sure looked cute with the lady in the pretty white outfit.  What a nice pair they made.terra_fashion_aug_6_2010

Terra has a bad habit of pulling when walking on a leash and we are working with her on that aspect.  But she is a doll over all: super smart, loyal and with some training could be a great all around dog.

dom3_fashion_aug_6_2010Dom did a great job strutting his stuff!  He is the cutest as can be long coat chichi.  Tons of personality, loads of kisses and loves to cuddle under the bed covers!  For more on Dom click here

Jazzy is one pretty girl and strutted her stuff several times – from the pink glamorous get up to knock down football gear!


Natalie is a sweetheart of a gal .. here she is modeling even before she was groomed – but yet, look how scotty3_fashion_aug_6_2010pretty she is!

It’s hard to see Scotty – but there he is snug in her arms.  That is the owner of Look ‘in Good Boutique – a great downtown store with clothes and matching shoes.

My favorite modeling pair was not a pair of all but a crowd!  A family wearing Just Good’s clothes with Madison, Honey and K’Zoo dressed up too.  They were all dressed up ready for a day at the beach or park or just plain old family fun.  It was adorable.


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